How could this site not be about them?
They've been my favorite group since they broke through in the states,
and will be until the day I cease to exist.

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Some past members:

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Remember them by reading their bio.

I shall try to pass along news about them as soon as I hear it.

Let me show you who has great sites about them.

Eventually I'll put up some pictures of them.

Duran Duran, circa the "Liberty" era cover of the "essential Duran Duran [night versions]" cd; w/ original lineup Duran Duran getting their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

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a few (more) DURAN DURAN sites

L I Z A R D K I N G ' S d u r a n d u r a n s i t e

Plastic Girl Duran Duran UK    for DURAN DURAN's UK fans


The Duran Duran YearBook

Welcome    DURAN DURAN's old OFFICIAL site

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